Tailgating Essentials

Summer is starting to wind down. While this is a dreadful thought, there are some good things that come along with the cooler weather. One example is football and tailgating. Now that you have the perfect vehicle right off our lot here at Salazar Used Cars, it's time to park that vehicle in the perfect spot at the stadium and party with your friends and family.

Let's take a look at some of the essentials to have on hand when you tailgate:
  • Folding tables can be used to serve food and eat
  • Trash bags make for a quick…
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Looking for a used car? It's time to think about a hatchback

It's no secret that finding the perfect car can be tricky, which is why it's time to consider investing in a hatchback. A hatchback offers a unique style that can be incredibly rewarding and useful. Whether you're looking for something that will get you to work efficiently and quickly or you need something with plenty of cargo space, a hatchback has a lot to offer.

One of the biggest reasons to consider a hatchback is the unbeatable cargo space. You can easily store luggage, groceries, equipment, or even small furniture items you may need to transport...


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Complete Maintenance Work Before School Starts Up Again

There are things that you can do to keep your vehicle running well when you need it to get you to and from a certain place. Salazar Used Cars wants you to know all that you should do to keep your vehicle running well as school starts up again.

Before school starts again, you should check your owner's manual to see if there are maintenance services that must be completed on the vehicle. Follow the schedule in the manual and make sure that you are up to date on all that needs to be done. Before school starts up…
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SUVs are about Safety First

In a world where the safety of drivers and pedestrians alike becomes more and more necessary, it only makes sense that the next vehicle you are interested in buying is all about safety as well. If an SUV is what you are interested in, you will be happy to know that it is all about safety as well.

The larger cars have always had a reputation for being the safer car, and that statement continues to ring true to this day. SUVs on average weight at least 4,000 pounds, with newer models reaching beyond 5,000! Include the airbags…

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Why Buy a Crossover?

Have you ever wished they made vehicles that offer the performance, capabilities and space of an SUV with the comfort, ride and gas mileage of a car? They have, and they’re called crossovers. Crossovers are becoming very popular today with drivers of any age or gender. Stop at Salazar Used Cars and check out the new crossovers. If you have any questions, our sale staff is here to serve you.

There are several benefits to owning and driving a crossover.

• They offer the style and design of an SUV without the extra cost.
• They offer fuel efficiency often found…
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Why Should I Get a Vehicle Tire Alignment?

The importance of a vehicle tire alignment cannot be understated. These are a few reasons you'll want to bring the car in for servicing sooner than later.

The alignment in the vehicle might be out of whack because the tire hit a curb or ran into a deep pothole. As a result, you'll feel the steering pull to one side of the road as you reach higher speeds. The alignment servicing will correct the problem and help to give you an easier time keeping the car in between the lane lines.

If the vehicle tire alignment is not…
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Types of Oil

Most vehicle owners change oil periodically as required. However, there are so many different types of oil available, choosing the right type might seem confusing. When in doubt, the technicians at Salazar Used Cars garage will make sure your engine is filled with the right type when it comes time to change the oil.

However, here is a brief explanation of oil types. Conventional or traditional oil is the least expensive and performs well in vehicles under normal driving conditions. High mileage oil is designed for vehicles having more than 75,000 miles on the odometer....

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What are paraboloid headlights?

There are several types of headlights. All headlights deteriorate over time and should be replaced. When replacing a headlight, make sure you know the type of headlight you are replacing. The lighting system built into your car is based on the type of headlight used.

A paraboloid headlight is the oldest of headlight distribution patterns. You will find this type of headlight in almost every car made before 1980 when headlight experimentation became fashionable. The paraboloid headlight has a parabolic reflective surface that captures the light from the bulb and reflects it into a...

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